June 2019
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Check Out The SeedCommand Promo Going On Now!  Scouting with a UAV This Summer  Advanced Grain Management    Tips from Tech: Liquid Application Pre-Season Check  ►  Take Advantage of Our Customer Referral Program Today!
Check Out The SeedCommand Promo Going On Now!
By Ag Leader

Tech your planter with one of these great deals! Take advantage of this competitive trade-in program, per row discount and get special low-rate financing on SureDrive and SureForce systems.

Do you want to overcome compaction issues on your farm? Perhaps you want improved seed placement and spacing. Maybe you want a window into your planter to identify issues before it costs you yield. You can get all that and more and save BIG with these deals!

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Scouting with a UAV This Summer

By Cody Vanderholm, HTS Ag

As we move further down the “row” this year with planting and more into scouting, we need to think about what’s next. How did the planter do? How did the weather affect the crop? How bad are the weeds? Flying a UAV over your crops and utilizing some software can deliver valuable data for you to use while scouting.

A time related benefit of using a UAV flight would be a stand count, or in simpler terms, a report card for your planter.

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Advanced Grain Management


Getting the best return for your harvested crop is all about managing moisture content and delivering optimum quality grain. Advanced Grain maximizes the return on your most precious grain asset by optimizing grain quality and value, while minimizing storage costs to maximize profits.

The starting point is bin management...

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Tips from Tech: Liquid Application Pre-Season Check
By Ag Leader

If it hasn't by now, soon it will be time to turn to another field operation, spraying. We have an application control system, DirectCommand, that helps make applying easier and more accurate. The following list is a good starting point for getting your machine field ready. Remember, safety first! Make sure you have an adequate supply of gloves, goggles, particle masks and chemical jump suits before proceeding.

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